Saturday, December 10, 2011

I managed to get a lot of work done today.  Headed into the office in the morning to catch up on overdue work items as I had been on the road this week and was a little behind in email, etc.   Made a trip up to Milwaukee for client meetings this week and that went very well.

Made it back to the house about 1:30pm and did some house work.  We decided to head out for a little walk in Bear Creek Park.  Left from the house and did a 4.5/mile loop.  We were a little over dressed or so I thought as we got started.  In the sun it was nice, but in the shade and once the sun set over the mountain it cooled off quick.

Tried several times to get a few bird pictures, but they just wouldn’t hold still.   We saw magpie, finches and a few others.   I did manage to snap off a few pictures and I included them below.

Headed out again in the morning to see if I can do double what I did today.

Happy Hiking

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