Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IPod Nano

I was lucky enough to receive a IPod Nano recently at a holiday party that I attended.  Thank you Xtivia!   At first I didn’t get that thrilled about it as I have an older classic IPod that I have carried with me for the last couple of years.   But after getting it home and adding my favorite playlist it was all setup and ready to go.   Being so small I was concerned that I would loose it or leave it in my pant pocket and run it through the washer.

Well guess what they make really cool watch band that will turn you nano into a really nice wrist watch, with your favorite music and photo’s  all there on you wrist.  I asked Santa for one and she gave me one for Christmas.   It’s great! I have been wearing this for the last couple of days.  Today I used it for a hike up trail 666.  It worked great and with it on your wrist you can run your earphones inside your sleeve and up your back.  So you don’t have a wire hanging in the front that gets tangled with you back pack strap or camera strap.  Being on your wrist it is easy to get to so you can check the time or change up your playlist.

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