Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Made it home

Had a great 4th of July!  Started the morning with a fly-inn at one of my dad’s friends who lives on an airstrip in Colwich, KS.  We didn't fly inn we drove over.   They were serving up pancakes, ham, coffee and juice.  Guessing around 35 to 40 people were in attendance.   This was all being served up in a hanger.

On the field there were 10 to 12 planes.  Mostly antique planes’ including a couple of Stearman’s a J3 Cub and several others, even a replica of the Red Barons Triplane.  I walked around and checked out the planes while dad swapped stories with his flying buddies.

We then headed back to dads house and started setting up for their party.  They were expecting a big crowd.   We were setting up in the hanger.  Cleaned all the tables and chairs and set up all the food and supplies.   Around 2pm everyone started showing up.  Most of the attendee’s were family.  Mostly in attendance were aunts, uncles and their families as well as some of my dad’s buddies.

Oh man was it hot and humid!  Everyone was looking for shade or a spot in front of the big fan in the hanger and when that didn’t work you just needed to hop in the pool and cool off.

Dad picked himself up a new to him crane.  Long story on how he got it but basically just had to get it home and it was his.  Here is a picture of him showing off his new find to some of his buddies who were at the party.

Dad fired up the grill and cooked up a mess of burgers and dogs and whatever people brought with them.   Ended up eating way too much and tried to work it off on the horseshoe pit where we got our butts kicked.

All afternoon everyone was shooting off fireworks out on the runway.   Once the sun started setting we started setting up for the night show.  We setup three tubes where we started shooting off 4 inch shells.   In addition we had some large cakes and a roll of 20,000 fire crackers.   Glad to say that no one got hurt!

 Sorry to say that I didn’t do a very good job of taking pictures this trip.  Shame on me, I was busy seeing friends and family that I hadn’t seen in awhile.

I could say more but it has been a long day of driving and I am done for the day.

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