Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home for a few days

Oh man the last couple of weeks and the weeks to come, have me on the road.  Just returned for Seattle and already packing for next week’s adventure.   We are really busy with work and I have several home projects that I want to finish or get started.   So those are all great excuses as to why I haven’t been our walking/hiking.  That’s what I tell myself to feel better.

Last weekend I went to over to the auction house to do a quick walk through to see if there was anything interesting I thought I needed.   The other reason was to get me a beef and cheese burrito off the food truck that is parked their.    The burrito is just a burrito, nothing special but they have a green sauce that is just killer.   In addition the price is right!

There wasn’t much of crowd that day so a lot of the items, decent stuff if you needed it were going for $5 bucks.   Well this window frame with a metal wire planter on the front came across the block.   I was thinking it would look good on the shed in the backyard with some plants in it.  So I bid on it and got the planter and a box of other stuff for $15 bucks.   The other stuff included 4 vases, 4 humming bird plates and a little stained glass church.  It was mostly junk!

But the window frame with the metal planter definitely had some possibilities.  I loaded up my goods and started to head home.  On the way I stopped by an auto shop/salvage yard to see friend of mine,    while there I inquired about a tractor seat that was welded to a stand.  I thought it would look good a cleaned up and sitting in my yard.  So I got it for nothing and loaded it up.

With me leaving town I tore down what I needed to so that Candy could take the pieces over to a guy that does sandblasting.   They came back looking good and are now ready for primer and paint.

Today I was able to get the window frame sanded and glued together.  I should be able to finish the sanding in the morning and start on the stain.  Hopefully I can get these done before I leave as they are going to come out pretty nice.  I share more pictures tomorrow of where I am at.

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