Saturday, July 23, 2011

I was in Austin, TX. all last week and got home on late Friday afternoon. I am already packing to make the turn and head to New Jersey on Sunday. With all this travel it has really sidetracked me from my hiking. I have also been trying to wrap up a few projects that I have been working on.

Today I planted five trees, and I sure hope they take. They should as the holes were deep enough and I mixed the dirt with some good dirt that I had. We just need to make sure that we water them everyday for 10 days then every other day for ten days and then once a week. We planted three Crabapple with white flowers and two Japanese cherries with red flowers. If all goes well they should look pretty nice next year with they bloom.

I also managed to get my wall planter completed today. We had ordered a mirror to go on the back and Candy was able to get me the hanging brackets and stuff I needed. We ended up hanging it in our bedroom. I must say it looks pretty nice.

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