Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let’s go Fishing

We woke up early and headed over to my parents house to pick up my dad.  I think we got to there house around 7:15AM.  All five of us loaded up in the truck and away we went.   My dad has a buddy who has a nice little farm pond loaded with large mouth Bass.   We usually run over there when we are town to wet a line.

 This morning we had pretty good luck.  Everyone caught fish!
Clark caught the first one and away we went.  Eric caught a couple and so did Candy.  I caught two nice size fish but my dad caught one that I am guessing weighed at least 5/pounds.

The pond was way down as parts of Kansas are in a drought.   We did get some rain this afternoon that helped cool things off but not enough to help with the drought.

After fishing we headed over to Stearman Field to have breakfast. (  They sure have a nice setup there.  A nice restaurant on the airfield.   While we were there we had one bi-plane and a helicopter buzzing around and giving rides.   We didn’t get a ride today but it did look like fun.

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