Saturday, June 6, 2009

St. Mary’s Falls Trail (624)

This morning the wife and I drove up to the GCR parking lot. Headed out to do St. Mary’s Falls trail. To the base of the falls from the parking lot it is 3.12 miles. Round trip 6.24, so a decent hike as one of the sections is difficult. We made it up to the falls and to my surprise several changes had been made.

A little over a year ago, a hiker had fallen and it killed him. A memorial has been created where he had fallen at the base of the falls. The trail has been reworked around the base that allows you to cross on logs and to stand at the base of the falls. A nice plaque has been added as well. The individuals name was Eddie Murphy.

The water was running fast coming down and the temperature was probably 20 degrees cooler than on the trail up. We stood at the bottom of the falls and took a few pictures. If you have not been up to the falls or have been. I would strongly suggest you make your way up as it is beautiful and with the new editions it’s even better.
we are doing Williams Canyon tomorrow and we should be able to see some great wild flowers.

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