Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Horns

Our original plan was to do Williams Canyon today. Candy mentioned that on the news last night she saw that there was a wine festival in Manitou today. The parking area for Williams Canyon is on the west end of Manitou. So instead of dealing with trying to find parking and all of the people we decided to try something else.

On my map I had seen a trail that would take you up to the Horns. Did a little research and was able to find the location and where to start. We drove up Old Stage Road to the horse stables, about 5 miles on the dirt road. You will see parking on the right, might fit about 5 cars total. Walk across the road to the dirt hill and you will see the trail head.

You are basically hiking up the backside of Cheyenne Mountain. The trail is very narrow and you can tell that it does not see much action. As a matter of fact, we did not come across anyone today. As you hike you will come to a section where you can go left or right. To get to the Horns keep to your left. You have some wonderful views of Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Canyon and some tremendous rock formations. The trail has just about everything from soft dirt to very rocky sections. There were probably 5 fallen trees that we had to climb over. When you reach the summit you will be surprised how close you are to the antenna farm.

Lots of wildflowers in bloom and some wonderful smells as you move up/down the path. We crossed several small streams and even found an old pump and pipeline that supplied water to where/who I am not sure.

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