Monday, January 23, 2017

What a road it has been

Greetings!  Yes, yes it has been a bit, since I have entered a post.  Just so much going on as of late.  I will try to recap and it should go pretty quick.  Before we get started I have included the song Eyes Wide Open by Fear Blind.  One of my favorites.

Things have been crazy busy at work and in the evenings and every weekend we have been working on a housing project.   We have repainted the entire interior, updated the bathrooms, fixed lighting, cabinets and more.  Then we cleaned and cleaned some more.   We can see the light at the end of the tunnel I hope.  Tomorrow the new carpet and flooring goes in.  I am sure we will have some touch up painting to do when they are done, but that should wrap this project.   So glad that this one is behind us.

Although we have the interior done,  I still have five sections of fence down from the wind storm last week, that I am going to need to work on next.  Going to need to figure a new approach as the wind really takes it toll on our six foot fence and seems like I am always making repairs.

Well I do have some sad news to share.  Our little Boston Terrier passed away last week.  Mable had been with us for 15 years and was a great little dog.  For about the last year she was struggling, she was mostly blind and deaf.  She had arthritis pain and anxiety issues.   We will miss her.

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