Monday, January 9, 2017


Man o man we had a beat down today.  The wind was kicking ass.  My alarm went off at 5:30 AM and when I reached over to turn it off, I could hear the wind howling.   Hit the snooze and got out of bed at 6:30 AM.  Went outside and the temperature was in the 40's but the wind was gusting and whipping around like crazy.  The white snow in the backyard was covered with dust, pine needles and leafs that had blown down.  The trees were swaying back and forth and I could easily see one of them or more coming down.   

I headed out for work and the sky was dark with dust and blowing trash.  In a couple areas it was almost like going through a sand blaster and my side windows were rattling and I was afraid they were going to blow out.

I drove by the shop on my way to the office to check the fence.  It was all still up.   With the wind I was almost sure a couple of panels would have blown down.   Later in the day Candy called me and let me know we had about four panels down.   One more thing on the list.   Then she called me back and the wind blew the lid on the hot tub open and it busted the frame that holds it.

On may way to work I saw numerous fences down, trees, trash dumpsters rolled over and more. I got to the office and when I sat down I heard a large crackle and a big pine tree that was out front of the office and along the highway, snapped and fell into the exit on Cimarron.

A couple of team members I work with were driving down from Denver and it took them a while.  Several semi trucks had blown over and were blocking traffic.

Watching the news this evening they were reporting winds of 101 miles per hour in the Cheyenne Mountain area where we live.   I can believe it.  Trees were uprooted all over town, power lines down, roofs blowing across the road and road closures I have not seen anything like what we had today.

It's 10:30 PM and the wind is still blowing hard.  

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