Sunday, June 14, 2015

Star Date: 201506142152

I was up in the New York/New Jersey for work last week.  One evening we were in Manhattan and snapped this picture from Central Park of some of the surrounding buildings.

Managed to get out both Saturday and Sunday and hit the trail.  I only did 3.5/miles each day.  Today we went to the Renaissance festival  and I was able to get another 3.5/miles in.  Came home and mowed the yard and cleaned the patios.

Looking pretty good around here.  Saturday I planted a couple more bushes.  I know have Strawberry, Raspberry, Blue Berry and Black Berry.  I hope the all take.

I found a baby Robbin in the front yard.   The mother was flying around and still feeding it.   Hopefully none of the neighborhood cats will find it.

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