Sunday, June 7, 2015

Keep on Trukin!

I guess it has been a couple of weeks since my last post.  Last week I was pretty much a loser as it
relates to getting my distance in.  I came up with an excuse every morning on why I couldn't walk to work.  We have been super busy at work as well as dealing with some growing pains from our most recent acquisition.  I can understand the frustration and at the end of the day, we may have moved a little quick.

I have to say I have a blast out of making stuff.   It is easy to do and the end results are so cool.  From the penny ball I made with Candy's Mom's bowling ball, to the latest piece of yard art or my latest creation.  This project was actually a request.  Eric asked me if I would make him a steam-punk bookshelf for his Birthday.

I had been cruising on Pinterest looking at ways to refinish old dressers.  I don't know why, but that is what I was doing and found some cool ideas.  When Eric asked me for a bookshelf it got me started on some ideas.

In the shed we had an old dresser for one of the boys.  It used to be full of books but Eric came and got them about a year ago, probably longer than that.  When he mentioned what he wanted, I finally noticed/remembered that is what out there.  I got home of Friday evening from work.  I walked in the house and directly to the shed.  I pulled it out and took out all the drawers.  I got Candy to help me carry it all around to the truck, in front of the house.

I drove it over the shop and unloaded.   I started out by working on the top shelf and removing all the screws holding it in place.  Took my wooden mallet and knocked it off.  Then I measure all around from the bottom to just above the top drawer.  Took my saw and followed my lines.   Then I placed the top on shelf on the bottom drawer.  It fit great! I was so happy.

Pulled it off and sanded around the top to clean it up.  Ran a bead of glue around the drawer base and then put the top on and then clamped it down and let it set for the night.  the whole process took me about 45 minutes.

On Saturday, Candy and I went and picked it up.  Candy had suggested that I decoupage it with cloth.
  I had never used cloth before, but I didn't see why not.  I was hoping to find some cloth with gears or clocks, but ended up with a world map fabric.   Candy cut the fabric and ironed it.  I covered the top with decoupage and then we applied it.  Pushed out any bubbles and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  I then applied three coats over the top with my last coat going on at 1:30 AM in the morning.

Sunday morning we ran out to Lowes and picked up some steel pipe and fittings.  I also grabbed the wood I will be using for the shelves.  Brought it home and put it together and then placed it atop of the drawer to see what it would look like.

I still have work to do.  I need to stain the shelves and clean up the pipe.  I still have a few items for finally assembly to ensure it will hold together and hold the weight.

After I took it apart, I sprayed a coat of sealer on the top and drawer face.  I used a whole can and I could still use some more.   As it was drying it looked like it might rain,  I carried it in the house and once dried I added the drawer handles.  Guess it will sit there until next weekend and I will try to get back at it and finish it up.

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