Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What up

I have been MIA for the last week or so.  We are super busy at work and I just returned from Las Vegas from a conference.   I did it right this time, flew in on Monday and out on Tuesday, Got everything accomplished that I had planned on and got out.  Of course my flight getting home was delayed for four hours so instead of being home at 8PM it was 11:30PM.  Oh well so it goes, I can't control everything, hahahaha evil laugh!

Last weekend we hiked up the pancake rocks trail and then to horsethief falls. We met up with another couple at my office and then drove up.  This trail is on the western side of Pikes Peak and is  about a 40 minute drive to the trail head.  We brought our dog Mable and the other couple brought two dogs, so we followed each other up.

Once again our old dog Mable did an awesome job,   She practically led us and had to be in front most of the way up and down.   We didn't even keep her on her leash, we passed several other dogs and she wouldn't even give them or the owners the time of day.  That makes it nice that we don't have to worry about her and other dogs/hikers.  I do worry that a big hawk will swoop in and carry her off, it could happen.

This one had me winded as we started at 9,666 ft. and hiked to the summit at 11,056 ft. that's a good 1,390 ft. incline.  We were lucky that water was running down the falls, wasn't much but at least it wasn't dry.

I did get one awesome picture or at least I think its awesome.  I did some research this evening and have decided that this is a Gray Jay, go figure.  I found pictures of others feeding them by hand, at the same place we were at.  Makes me want to go hike it again and see if I can make that happen.

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