Sunday, October 12, 2014

Very Blessed

We run through life at a fast pace and we don’t always know the way that we impact people around us.  What you may consider as trivial or just doing your job, you touch and interact with so many people.  I realized this weekend just how fortunate I am.

My beautiful wife who has put up with me for 27 years, we have loved and had our fair share of disagreements but deep down I would do anything for her and she is the most precious person in my life and I could not have accomplished what I have, without her by my side.

We raised two beautiful children; they are both very talented, smart and good looking.  I contribute most of this to Candy.  She is has the same traits and can accomplish most anything that she sets her mind to.  She decided one day that she wanted to be a nurse and two years later she was.  She has achieved and done so many things that she has set her mind to. We are lucky that both of our boys have this “can do attitude” in them as well and I am sure they will do great things.

Last night we had a party.  It was a party for me to celebrate my 50th Birthday.  Candy set it all up and did most of the work, Big thank you to her for everything. My family, friends and co-workers all showed up to help me celebrate.   We or maybe just I may have celebrated a little too much as my head is hurting this morning and the later part of the evening is a little foggy.  Some of my family and friends had to make a considerable trip to get here for this.  I feel very fortunate that they made the trip out to be with me and celebrate this milestone in my life.  Thank you to everyone who attended and I hope that you had a great time.   I know I did!   I received some great gifts, from vaginal cream to a fine assortment of rum (Thank you Sonu), and other fine spirits.  Again thank you to Candy for making this a huge success.

I had a little surprise last night that I was not expecting.  My coworkers made a video to wish me a happy birthday and in this video they had some very kind things to say about me.   I don’t think of myself as an emotional person, but seeing this video and hearing all the birthday wishes and listing to the kind words and stories that they told, made me understand just how blessed I am and brought a tear to my eye.   This is something I will cherish for years to come!  I want to say Thank you to everyone who participated in making this and give a big shout out to Ori BenZvi, who I am pretty sure, was the person that made this happen!

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