Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nothing Changes

As a kid growing up in a small town, we didn't have a lot of options when it came to radio stations.   I
think we only got one or two decent stations and they were both AM.   I remember listing to Radio Mystery Theater narrated by E.G. Marshall.   The stories were great and using your imagination you could bring these stories to life.  For a disciplined imagination can make our mundane life's a heaven on earth or a hell.

So if you a reading this, I just gave you an awesome idea, as I think newly updated stories, told in a similar fashion and available on ITunes would probably go over.  You could make your money by throwing in a few ads or just charge a dollar or two for each.  There may be something like this but I haven't looked.

But that's not what this story is about.   In listening to the first episode last night, at the end was a news cast from 1974.  The station was WDAF in Kansas City.  The first news item was related to Gerald Ford and his casting a to wide net on trying to obtain documents as related to Richard Nixon and water gate.   But that's not the story that got me.   The story that tells me nothing has changed was related to Arab Oil producers, and costs that Americans were paying back in 1974.    Seems like the stories we hear today on the news.  

They were also reporting on the usage of  windmills to produce power for our homes.   You could purchase one for one thousand dollars.   Imagine that 40 years later, we now have windmill farms in central KS.   So back to my point, nothing has really changed.   We have moved forward but the same issues still remain.   I guess this just proves how stupid we really are and continue to repeat the same mistakes.

Another story was about  a St. Louis County Attorney, Ron Lending who is suing Transworld Airlines for $500,000.00 as they cancelled a non-stop flight that he was scheduled to take.  He was looking for compensation for the mental anguish and physical exhaustion.  What a dick, deal with it. Attorney's are still dicks and seems this has not changed. Shit this happens to me all the time.   I guess I should dig into this deeper and see if he was compensated.  Maybe I could make some coin.

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