Saturday, April 20, 2013


We spent most of the day down in Pueblo at the Pueblo County High School for a diving meet.   Clark
ended up coming home with second place.   On his last dive he was doing a new one that he hasn't gotten totally down yet.   He Ended up with a score of 2.0's and that cost him first place.   It's OK, he is already qualified for State.  He has been doing great this year, either coming in first or second in every meet that he has competed in.   Looking forward to the State competition that is just around the corner.

Once we finished in Pueblo, we rushed back so he could get ready for his Senior Prom.   They were headed off to McKenzie's for dinner and then to the dance.   Poor kid is pretty pooped after being up at 6 AM, competing all day and now Prom and being out all night.   I am sure he will deal with it. :-)

Happy Hiking

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