Friday, October 12, 2012

Skunk Removal 101

Well this should be exciting.  I think I have a skunk who has decided to move in under the front porch.   I found a mound of dirt yesterday with a hole going under the porch. The hole is under the water faucet so yesterday I ran some water down the hole and then pushed the dirt up in the corner covering the hole.   I looked this evening and the hole was dug back out and the mound of dirt was bigger than it was yesterday.

I dug my box trap out and have been watching YouTube videos and others removing skunks.   I have a plan.....   For tonight I pushed the dirt back into the corner and figured I would check again tomorrow.  This will give me some time to get everything I need together to set the trap and try to catch and relocate it.

Items Needed
1. Box Trap
2. Gloves
3. Two Large Towels
4. Safety Goggles
5. Peanut Butter

I will take some pictures and if I get creative I may even shoot my own skunk removal video.

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