Saturday, February 19, 2011


Eric and I left the trail head about 8:45AM.  We made our way up High Drive and then took the twilight canyon trail.   This is a pretty decent incline for about 2/miles.  We made our way up twilight and then lower Captain Jacks and then the upper Captain Jacks and then down 666.

I only got a few pictures today but the ones I did get seemed to come out very nicely.    We found a Blue Jay, Chipmunk and a Toe head.  Not sure what the Chipmunk was munching on  but he looked happy

We logged just a little over 8/miles today.   Not sure about Eric but I ended up with a pretty nice sunburn.

Most of the trails were icy and in some sections we were in about 8/inches of snow.  We only came across a couple of other hikers today, most of them on 666 on our way down.

Happy Hiking!

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