Friday, February 18, 2011

Out & Back

I took today off as a Holiday day.  Our company is closed on Monday but I will be working a trade show down in Orlando so took my day today!   I left the house around 7:40AM and headed down the street.     You know you are in trouble when the deer are at your door looking for food.   I came across this deer standing on the front porch of the neighbor’s house.  I guess he/she was looking for an invite to come in and eat.

I worked my way up the Bear Creek Trail up the GCR.  Just about at the top of the trail I came across some poor bastard who I am guessing slept out in the cold last night.   He was lying off to the side of the trail with a little motor scooter.   I scared him up as I went by, he moved and mumbled something.  That’s answer the question why I at times hike with a gun.

After making the loop by the creek I started my way back up.   This section was very icy and took me some time to navigate up the hill.   I made it and once I was about to the top I came across an old man who apparently slipped on the ice and was sitting on the ground on his butt.

I helped him up and suggested that he not go down that way as the rest of the trail was covered with ice.  He agreed and so we walked up the rest of the way and chatted for a few minutes.   I then took my trail to head back home and he went another way.

Got a few nice pictures today and need to start packing for my trip as well as laying out my clothes for tomorrow’s hike.

Happy Hiking!

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