Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Here we go again!

The last four months I have really slacked off on my walking and keeping track of my mileage. Well I got home on the 19th of November and on the 20th I started walking again and keeping a count of my miles and diet. In the last 10 days I have managed to get 35.84/miles in which averages out to 3.5/daily for the 10 days.

Well we start a new month tomorrow and a clean slate. I plan on walking as much as I possibly can and will report the progress here on the blog. So let’s see we have 31 days in the month of December and if we can get 3.5/miles in a day we should be able to get 108.5 miles for the month.
Wish me luck folks, as it looks like it is going to be a cold month. I know the last couple days have been. But with my gear it has not been bad at all and I have stayed warm.

Tonight I was walking home in the dark, which was actually fun. With the Ipod going you pick up noises from the wind blowing, etc and you get a little chill, looking back saying to yourself what was that!

Happy Hiking

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