Monday, August 24, 2009

You can do it!

Saturday I took a couple hiking in Cheyenne Canyon. We started on trail 666, which for most of you know that it is a gradual incline for three miles. We then took trail 667 up and around and then trail 665 aka Captain Jacks and then took a side trail which will take you down Sesame Canyon back to High Drive and the parking lot.

I felt bad as it ended up being a little over 8.5/Miles and I had said that it was about 6.5/Miles when we started. Everyone made it though but I am sure that the lady that was in the group will have some blisters. I don’t think it would have been so bad if we had gotten an earlier start. We left the trail head at 9:30am and it was already hot. I went through two bottles of water which is rare for me. It might have been because we had to make a few stops and let everyone catch their breath.

I took some pictures but didn’t get them loaded over the weekend, will work on that tonight.

I am working on my route for the Ring the Peak Trail. It will be a little over 60/Miles if I leave from my house. I may take a Llama with me on this one to help me haul the gear I need. If nothing else it will be a hell of sight if you come across me. And yes you can actually rent a Llama for just this purpose.

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