Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Horns

Today’s hike to us back to the Horns. Candy and I met up with a coworker at our office. And then we headed out. We had our dog Mable with us and Nik had his dog Princess. We drove up Old Stage to the parking area. We were not the first as a gray Toyota Tacoma was parked.

We loaded up and headed up the trail. The dogs dig great and stayed with us all the way. For the most part they were off the leash. We moved pretty quick today up the trail. Early in we passed the owners of the gray Toyota. Nik and I ventured off the trail at the top and climbed up the rocks the rest of the way to the peak. The up portion was easy; the coming down was a little intense. There were a couple of places that if you slipped or the rock gave way; you would be going home on a helicopter. Everyone did great and we even found a trail that we may have to go back and try next week.

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Nik at the top of the Horns

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