Sunday, January 25, 2009

High Drive and Captain Jacks

So this morning I got off my butt and did a small hike this morning. Ended up doing just a little over 8/miles. When I left the house it was foggy and snowing. But once I got up into the mountains it was a beautiful day. I could look down towards Colorado Springs and see the low hanging clouds.

Today I walked up High Drive and then caught trail 667 and then down trail 666. The trails were not too bad as far as snow, but coming down trail 666 and walking down High Drive, I was glad I had my Stablicers on. There were several sections that we just solid Ice.

For this month I have already ready wracked up 90.99/miles for the month. Still have a few days to go and should be able to break 100/miles. I am down to the final miles for my goal. I only need 60.4/miles and should be able to make it.

These are a couple of photo’s I snagged today:

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