Thursday, January 1, 2009


Recently I was asked what type of camera I use for my photos. I have two cameras and the second one I just received for Christmas. Prior to 12/25 I had been using the Canon Power Shot S3. It takes decent pictures and is pretty straight forward to use. The zoom is great for taking great distance pictures. My only issue was the size and weight when going on longer hikes. It was difficult to wear around the neck and I had to take off the pack and dig it out.

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Now I am using the Casio Exilim EX-S10. So far it has worked great for me. It is small and light weight. It came with a nice case that I can attach to my chest strap on my backpack and can have it out and ready to shoot without the hassle of taking of my pack. The only draw back so far is that it doest have the same zoom capabilities as the Canon Power Shot S3. It’s easy to use and you can shoot video with it as well. I haven’t had a need yet, but am ready to try it out.

For picture management I use Picasa 3. It’s free from Google and has all the tools you need to clean up your pictures like removing red-eye, re-touching, adding captions, etc. Also allows you to create you own web-albums to share with friends and family.

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