Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Wonderland

The walk home from work tonight was fun. It started snowing here around 3:30pm today. The whole office was a buzz with comments like: I may be late tomorrow, Hope it doesn’t snow too much, Looks like I will be working from home tomorrow. All things I would say myself, but was beaten to the punch!

By 4:30pm it was snowing hard and sticking. I decided to shut it down for the day and get dressed for the walk back home. I usually carry a rain poncho with, because you never now. Luckily I had it with me today as it came in very handy.

I had checked the weather report and kind of new that we should get snow this afternoon. I had packed my black & white checker vans last night. I try to take an extra pair of shoes with me so I can change and not track mud into the office. I loaded up the backpack and got my boots back on. A couple of folks from the office offered me a ride, but I wasn’t going to have any of that. I don’t know how to explain it but it is actually very peaceful walking in the snow.

Headed out of the office and started down 8th street. I had one of my favorite playlist going on the IPod and had a stride in my walk. The kindness of people always surprises me. On the way home two strangers offered me a ride. I respectfully declined, but was surprised that they had even offered.

Made it to the lower Bear Creek Park, I think that is the name. It is located between 8th Street and 21st. It’s behind the Penrose Stadium. There had been no one on the trail since it had started snowing. There was probably a half in on the ground. Made my way through the park and down the trail, on the lookout for Coyotes. I see them in this area but have not been able to get a good picture.

After the Park, it was pretty much a straight shot home. I am looking forward to tomorrow mornings walk to work.

My dream day for tomorrow would be to blow off work and head up to the Gold Camp Trail head. If a person would get out early enough I imagine that up past St. Mary’s Falls it would be some good snow shoeing! Maybe I can make it early afternoon!

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