Monday, December 1, 2008

Picket Wire Canyonlands

Well I finally made the hike through the Picket Wire Canyon Lands. My route was 10.4/Miles. I took a short cut, up and over the hills. Not advised if you do not have a GPS, as it is easy to get lost once you get of the trail.

The trail follows the Purgatory River and I was surprised by the amount of water flowing. Especially when I had to cross it, to get to the dinosaur tracks.

I started out at about 9:30am from the Withers Canyon Trail Head. It was 35 degrees when I started but once walking I warmed up pretty quickly. I had a head wind most of the way and ended up with a nice wind rash on my face when done for the day. I was back at my truck at 1:30pm.

The dinosaur tracksite was pretty cool. You had to cross the river which was a bit of a challenge. This is actually the largest dinosaur tracksite in North America.

I also came across the Dolores Mission and Cemetery. There you will find the remains of an old church and Cemetery.

If you get the chance this hike is one to add to your list. If you stay on the main trail the hike is fairly level and easy to do. As you return from the dinosaur tracksite and reach the Cemetery, head to the north and work you way up and around the steep butte and you can shave at least two miles off the hike. This route is very difficult and again, make sure you have a GPS as you will get lost.

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