Thursday, November 6, 2008

Falling Down

So here we are at day six of me having this virus in my head and chest. It feels like the same thing I had in April of this year. In April I carried the bug around for a month before going to the doctor. Well not this time! I am starting to feel better after starting the antibiotics, eye drops and now cough syrup.


ERYTHROMYCIN OPHTHALMIC OINTMENT,3915,6309%7CErythromycin%2BOphthalmic%2BOintment%7C77,00.html#uses

CHERATUSSIN AC SYRUP,3915,6130%7CCheratussin%2BAC%2BExpectorant%2BCough%2BSuppressant%7C476,00.html

So this stuff should knock this out. I am ready to hit the trails and get to walking to work again. All the Rocky movies have been playing this week; I think I am watching III now. It’s the one where he fights the Russian.

Nothing like a good old underdog fight to get you fired up!!!!

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