Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Route

Well I am starting to get serious about my hike in Oct. This last weekend I drove down to Canyon City and caught Phantom Canyon Rd (PCR). I had the GPS with me and marked waypoints at every mile. On Saturday when I start I will have a full 21/Miles to get completed. I found a decent campsite, hope it is available when I get up their. If not I will find another, there a few around. Not as many as there are back at miles 5-10. I came across about 8 or 9 campsites that people were in. Being this late in the year when I leave I hope it isn’t to busy.

On day two, I have to get in about 23 miles to get to the next campsite. From the first campsite it is 10/Miles to Victor. Looked like their might be a restaurant or two that I can hit. Be a good place to clean up and get a small bite to eat. Don’t want to get to full. Once in Victor I will have to walk on the Highway 81 for about 3.5/Miles until I catch Gold Camp Rd (GCR). Once on GCR it is about 10/miles to get to Seven Lakes Rd (SLR) aka 376. At the junction there are several campsites. If I can get up SLR there is plenty of camping spots.

Day three starts out my tracking of miles for the remainder of the hike. Off of SLR I will be catching trail 379. This is new territory for me as I have not been to this area before and it is hiking only. My plan is to hike trail 379 and catch 379a, which will take me up to the Stratton Reservoir. From here I will be catching another foot trail, which looks like it goes up to the summit of the Almagre Mountain. From my map it looks like it is 12,367ft. Then I will come back down and find a place to camp on the back side of the reservoir. The only problem may be is that according to the map 379a may closed off with no access/trespassing signs. I am going to go for it.

Day four, I will be working my way home. I will head back down trail 379a and catch a foot trail that will shave off about 2/miles and I will catch 379 again. I then have a couple of options. I come to an intersection of trails 672, 701, 668. I think at this point it is going to depend on what shape I am now that’s it’s day 4. Guessing it is going to be about 20 to 23 miles for the day.

I need to start making my list of what I am taking with me. Tomorrow night I plan on setting up the hammock and sleeping out in the backyard. I have been trying to decide if I should go with the tent the hammock or both.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I'd send you some from my walks, but you've probably seen flat sidewalks before, so forget it. Keep up the good work! You're getting me motivated.