Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pikes Peak Incline

On Tuesday the 19th, me a couple of guys from the office went and did the Pike Peak Incline. Four of us started out and all four of us made it to the top. This was the seventh time I have done it, but it had been several months since I did it last. It took me about 50 minutes and I know I can get that down if I get into a routine of doing it weekly.

Of course I didn’t get any pic’s, I was traveling light, didn’t even take water, wallet or a phone. Will make sure I get pic’s next time as we are looking at doing it again next Tuesday. It is definitely a work-out and very challenging. One of my faves.

The month is going well, I have reach 96.55/Miles this month and if I can keep this up I should be able to reach 140/Miles for the month. I need to push as I really would like to get 150/Miles in. I need to push as winter is coming.

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