Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Queen - We Are The Champions GO USA

Sitting on the back porch this evening.  It is trying to rain, but only getting a few sprinkles.  Good thing I watered this evening. 

Watching the Olympics and all I can say is GO USA.  Congrats to Michael Phelps along with Katie Ledecky.  Wishing Simone and Gabby D. the best.

Looking at the medal count for the USA, I think that calls for a little Queen.


I LOVE the USA and Queen so this is like a double whammy for me.  So proud of our athletes.  The life long level of commit is to be admired as well as the amount of time, effort and the sacrifices that the athletes and their families have made.  GO USA

While we were sitting outside, the sun was setting with some clouds hanging low.  The sky was bright orange and was a pretty awesome site to see.  Almost looked like the sky from the big fire a couple of years ago.

I took this picture on my phone.  Came out OK and really shows the colors.

During a commercial break the news announced that the forest department has lifted the ban of fires.  This is great news as I am planning to go camping later this month.  I am ready to go and Candy said she would go with me for two nights.  I am sure that Donkey will get to go.  I know she will have a blast.  I need to dig out the tents and our gear and make sure everything is in working order.  Always be prepared!

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