Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekends Over

The last two days have been pretty busy for me.  I was in Boston, Wednesday through Friday.  Got home late Friday afternoon.  Made the drive back from Denver through the traffic.

I hope to be getting my vette back this coming week. I am excited, but nervous as well.  I checked on it last week before I left town and they were finishing things up.  So it should be ready this week.

I spent most of the weekend working at the shop and getting everything cleaned up so I would have room for the vette.  I had brought home some items from Kansas that my dad had given me.   I needed to do clean up on some of them.   He gave me a steamer trunk that came over on the boat with my Moms family.   It was trashed and not possible to restore.   I spent about a day, removing all the hardware and plan on making a new trunk, using the hardware.  This time it will have a flat top, so it can be stacked on as well.

Someone had tried to do some work on the inside of the trunk.  I found roofing paper used for the liner, but I did come across some very interesting sacks.  I have searched on the web and can't find any information on the information on the canvas.  They are pretty cool, they were used as lining.  The whole trunk was lined with this material, but this was all that was salvageable. 

I took a truck load of crap to the dumpster.  Got everything put away and swept.  Looked good when I was done and should have no problem getting another car in.  I fired up the Model A's and let them run for while.  I even finished up the shelves I have been working on for Eric.  Didn't come out, quite like I wanted but they will work.   I will get a picture tomorrow.

I also need to get a picture of the propeller I have been working on.  I had started it on Memorial day weekend with my Dad when we were visiting.  He finished it up and I brought it home over the 4th.  I have spent several hours sanding on it and have some cools ideas on how to finish it off.   I plan on placing it in my office.

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