Sunday, March 15, 2015


Working like crazy this last week and I don't see it slowing down.   If you haven't seen it already, we launched a new website: Now we are planning for an Easter Egg hunt on our site.  Getting nervous about it, wanting everything to run smoothly.  We are raising money for charity and promoting the site at the same time. Two of our partners have agreed to match our donations. 

I have been walking most everyday so feeling good about that, logged 40/miles this last week.  Walking to and from work last week really helped the miles add up.   Friday was the only day that I didn't get out and walk.  

On Saturday I hiked over to the shop.  It was a great day out, sun shining and temperature in the 50's.  I went by myself and left Pebbles at home.   She was having a problem with her eye, not sure if she scratched or got something in it.   We rinsed it with saline and she seems to be fine today. 

I came across what looked like a newly created sink hole.  I was a little off the beaten path when I found it.  It was more of a deer trail than anything else.

I am home this week so I hope to be able to get some real distance in.   Going to have to get up early as I have some early morning calls.   I was hiking through Red Rock Canyon on Saturday.

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