Monday, December 29, 2014

Cold out!

Yesterday was a decent day, I think it was in the 30's.  One of the neighbors  was taking down his outside lights and with the temperature supposed to drop and believe me it did drop today.  I figured I might as well get it done.   Didn't take long and while we were at it, we took down the tree in the house and put everything away.   Party's over.

The weather did change, today the high was 17 and looking currently it is 8 degrees outside.  It has been snowing, but very light, we have maybe had 3 inches.   It is supposed to be colder tomorrow, the forecast is calling for a high of 8 degrees and more light snow.

This cold weather has really cut into some of my plans that I had for my time off.   I had hoped to be working over at the shop on a new project.  I have been walking everyday so that has been good.  In addition to my new walking buddy Pebbles, I also got a fitbit for Christmas.   I have been trying to get my 10K steps in everyday, so getting out and walking 3 to 4 miles each day hasn't hurt my cause. I am just over 23 miles, since Christmas day, Going to have to figure out something tomorrow with the cold.

So Pebbles, for the last two days I have let her off her leash when we are up on the trails.   She has done great!  I couldn't be more pleased.   Yesterday we took Mable and Pebbles out and the was the first time we let Pebbles loose.  She stayed with us or would run 20 ft ahead and stop and wait and then do it again.  She has been great around the house, no accidents and everyone is getting along fine.   I think this is going to work out.

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