Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks for the update

Wednesday evening, April 16, 6:40 PM. I am looking outside and it's snowing. Not really sticking to the streets yet. It's Colorado so I shouldn't really be surprised.

It was a beautiful morning so I got my ass up and walk to work today.  I guess I should've checked the weather reports because I didn't know we were expecting snow.  I packed up at the office about 5 PM, Candy came and picked me up. It wasn't snowing yet but it was raining pretty good.

I worked over at the shop this last Sunday. Pulled the hood off yet again, put it up on some sawhorses and used aircraft paint stripper to strip the paint off.  Worked  great, got all the paint off the underneath and top of the hood.   I took the grinder with a wire brush head and cleaned off any remaining paint and primer. Now I just need to do a little finish sanding and pound out and putty up a few small dents that have. Then I will prime it and put it back on the car.  

My next project is to do the same with the door jams.   Since my paint guy won't be ready for another month or two, at least I can get all that I can get done before hand.

So let's see I spent all of last week in Austin Texas. It was definitely springtime in Texas , the ditches were full of blooming wildflowers and the temperatures were in the high 70s.

For the next couple of weeks I have several trips planned. Going to be spending some time on the road.

So this entire blog post has been dictated.  I did it on my phone using notes and the microphone. Pretty cool!

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