Saturday, December 14, 2013


Back from the road for a few days.  Just returned from a trip to Austin and it looks like I will be traveling to St. Louis mid next week.   Being on the road I didn't get to many miles in.  I did manage to walk to work one day while in Austin so that was nice.   From the Hotel to the office is just over 2.5/Miles.   I got out this morning and did a 4.8/mile loop up and around BCP.   The weather is great today and I hope tomorrow is just as nice as I want to get out again in the morning.  I included an image of my route and elevation profile below.

After I wrapped up my hike I dropped off the dry cleaning. “Note to self, don’t forget to pick up dry cleaning” Then headed to the store to pick up something for dinner.   I was thinking about cooking up a beef or pork roast but opted for the brisket.   I seasoned the brisket and then placed strips of bacon over the top.  Wrapped it in tin-foil and have it baking at 275 for the next few hours.  I will update you later on how it turns out.

On my way home from the store I stopped by the shop for a few minutes.   I hadn’t’ been there for a week so wanted to make sure everything was in order.  I hung out for about 20 minutes trying to figure out what I want to do about heat for the shop.   One more item on my list of things to do!

Candy’s sister is here visiting with us.  I haven’t seen much of either one of them as they have been out and about.

This morning they headed up to Breckenridge for the day.  I know that Candy wanted to check out a soap shop, that we had seen online and has a shop in Breck.   Yesterday they were up in Denver and stopped into a soap shop.  Candy and her sister both said that Candy’s soap was much better looking and smelling than what they found in the store they were visiting.

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