Monday, April 30, 2012

Another week gone bye, I just can’t believe how the time is passing.   Candy was out of town this weekend visiting family so it gave me a chance to get some work items knocked off the list.

Friday night I noticed I had a broken sprinkler line.  So I went ahead and dug up the area and found the cracked pipe.   I left it open overnight so that the water would evaporate and that I could fix it on Saturday.   Over the years I have become quite the sprinkler repairman.   I compare myself to Mr. Parker from a Christmas Story.   I can fix a broken sprinkler line in minutes.

I have an area in the back yard that doesn’t get water so before I headed over to pick up sprinkler parts I went ahead and dug a trench and dug up the line where I would need to tie on to get water.  This should help my transplanted Lilacs, now I don’t have to run the hose up there to water.

Once I was back it took me 20 minutes to get everything hooked up.  Ran a quick test and didn’t see any leaks so went ahead and filled in the trench.

Along with all the laundry, dishes and other house cleaning items, I also managed to get the garage swept out, some pictures hung, deck swept.

Saturday night was Prom for CMHS.   Clark and his friend Nicole went with another couple.  They looked great and from what I was told about the evenings festivities it sounded like they had fun. 

Sunday I worked over at the shop, it was time to mow and clear the weeds.   I am trying to get grass to grow but the weeds keep choking out the grass.   Helped Eric to put together a bed and cleaned up the storage room.   Things are starting to look pretty good, may not have grass but we have weeds and they are green so from a distance after a mowing it doesn’t look bad.

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