Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Make a Movie!

On Friday evening I was able to log another 4.75/miles in.  I took the same route that I had taken the day before.  This weekend was more work around the house trying to get the outdoor projects wrapped up before winter gets here.

Saturday we were able to finish the painting on the shed.  Check that off the list.  It took longer to paint than it did to put all the siding on.  Painting is not one of my favorites.

I was also able to get some mowing done so that spruced things up a little.  Saturday morning we went over to the auction.  Someone had spent a lifetime collecting old camera’s and 8mm movie cameras.  I am guessing that there were over 200 of them.

I managed to buy 10 of them of various makes, models.  They range in years from 1920 to 1950.  I spent $5 a piece for what is pictured below.   From what I see on eBay they sell for anywhere to $15 to $50 a piece depending on the condition, etc.  Bang, I now have a cool 8mm movie camera collection.

Now I have to find some place to display them.  Went out to see if we could find any pre made shelves that could be hung above a bedroom window.   Didn’t find shelves that met our needs, so guess I will build them.  I’m looking forward to getting some film and trying one of these out.

This afternoon I picked some peppers out of the garden.  I have been picking them for about the last month.   Now I need to figure out what I can do with them.  The habanero’s are HOT!

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