Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling the burn

I had today off as vacation and thought I would head out for a little hike.  Well the hike ended up being a little over 10.5/Miles.   A little further that what I had originally planned.  I started out around 9:30 this morning and head up through Bear Creek Regional Park up to Gold Camp Road (GCR).  Crossed the GCR road and went up Robinson Gully up to the top and then worked my way over to Captain Jacks and then down High Drive to Gold Camp Road.   From there I worked my way down Upper and Lower Columbine trails to the Discovery Center.

The overall hike wasn’t too bad and scenery was great!   I came across several wild flowers and birds that I was able to get some pictures of.   I didn’t really run into any people until I was on Lower Columbine.   This is a very active trail and it is actually the first time I had hiked Upper and Lower Columbine.  We had talked about it but never made it happen.

I had got some new hiking boots last weekend and was ready to try them out.  They worked great!  This was a different brand from what I normally wear.   When I was trying them on they had a nice cushion when I was walking in the store.   I was disappointed either, after 10+ miles my feet were feeling fine.  I’ll give an update on the brand in another posting.

The pictures below are some of the wild flowers that I cam across.   I hope you enjoy them, but they are much prettier in person so get out there and check them out for yourself.

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