Thursday, April 28, 2011

Which way to go!

I am ready for some warmer weather.   I thought I might have a great weekend to get out and get some miles but in checking the weather report it looks like it may be wet.   Oh well as long as the lighting stays to a minimum I should be able to get our for a little while.

Some how I got lost.  I don't mean lost as not being able to find my way back, but more about just getting off my schedule and routine.   I need to get it back and get it back soon.  I've made a few trips out but not really anything major to write about that I haven't written about already.   Just about covered every trail in the area three or more times.

Trying to make a point to get something in here everyday.   Spring is upon us so I need to get out as this is the best time to get pictures of Colorado wild flowers.

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