Saturday, December 18, 2010

Glad to be home!

Got my lazy butt up this morning and headed out for a little walk. It was cold and very foggy and I think the tempature was about 25 when I left. Visibility at best was maybe 100 to 150 yards. I made my way down the road and caught the Bear Creek trail. The first thing I came across was a couple of Deer who were having breakfast.
I continued up the trail until I got to Gold Camp Road. I crossed and started working my way up the mountain. Once I started climbing I heated up pretty quickly. With each step the fog was diminishing. Once to the top I stopped and took a couple pictures looking back on downtown Colorado Springs. With low level clouds the city couldn’t be seen.

Above the low level clouds there was only this one cloud in the sky. At the elevation I was at, the sun was shining bright, so bright that I actually got a sunburn on my face from the sun and the reflection coming up off the snow.

I checked on an old fort to see how it was holding up. Looks like we may have to make a few repairs this spring so we can camp out in it next summer. One thing that is nice about hiking in the snow is that you get to see all the animal tracks. I came across Rabbit, Fox and even Bird tracks today.

Worked my way down the hill and came out on High Drive and back over to the Bear Creek trail system. I did manage to get 7.35/miles in today and have plans to get back out again tomorrow. Note to Self: take sun glasses.

Happy Hiking!

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Kimberly said...

Sometimes it's just hard to get going but once you get outside and see these kind of views, it's all worth it. Good luck with your goal!