Friday, October 13, 2017


I guess I am getting older, so they tell me.  I don't feel older and if you asked me I am still 18.   It's all the head folks, live like a kid and have fun every day.  Stay off the news and all the bullshit on FB and Twitter and I am sure you will live longer.   Block those assholes you can't stand.

For my Birthday I went camping up in the mountains.   It was cold, but I had a great time, hiked and fished, drank too much each day,  and pretty much just let the world go by without me.  I loved it.  2.5 days with no email, no phone, no drama, it was great.  I only caught one fish a small trout about six inches and just threw it back.  Got some good hiking in as well as practicing my shooting and hatchet throwing.  I am ready for the Zombie apocalypse or whatever shit comes my way.  Ready to go back.   

Below are a few pictures I 

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