Sunday, May 7, 2017


We got out on the trails both Saturday and Sunday.  Both days were great to be out.  On Saturday we did 4/Miles through Bear Creek Park.   Had Pebbles with us and she was off leash most of the way.  The creek was running strong, so snow is starting to melt in the high country.

We came across several good photo opportunities but only had our phones with us.  The camera on the phone works ok, but not ideal for trying to zoom and capture good close up pics.    Our other camera is nice and takes great photo's but a pain to carry with you.

After we finished hiking and got cleaned up, we drove over to Target to look for a compact point & shoot camera.  We ended up with Canon Powershot ELPH 190.  Should be easy to carry and hopefully will take a decent picture. 

Who doesn't love a good tamale?  On our way home from Target, we saw a lady who was setting up on the side of the road   We drove down and pulled a u-turn and headed back.  We got Pork and Cheese and Jalapeno.   

Candy made up some ceviche so the tamales were a great addition.  I think they are all gone.  

"I don't normally buy food from the side of the road, but when I do, its tamales."

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