Monday, August 15, 2011

This Old Shed

Saturday morning I got up around 7AM and figured this would be a good weekend to reside an old shed that we have.   I measured and worked up a supplies list then headed over the Home Depot to get the lumber I needed.

Home Depot: Kudos on your outstanding customer service. I had four associates ask me if they could help me find anything.  Then when I was back in the siding section I started loading my 4x8 siding sheets and bang there is an employee asking how many I need and then he helped me load all 13 sheets.  When I was on my way out the door I had three ask me if they could help me load up my truck.

I worked about seven hours on Saturday and the same on Sunday.  Manged to get most everything completed except for paint.   I still have a few finish trim items but should be able to wrap that up tomorrow evening. Big thanks to Candy and Eric for helping to get as much done as we did!

So I didn't get any hiking in this weekend, but man Sunday and Monday mornings I felt like I had. I was pretty sore from all the work on the shed.

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