Monday, October 4, 2010

Vacation and so much to do!

We finally closed on a house that we were looking at. We spent most of last weekend painting the basement and have several more rooms to go. I hope to get one more done this week before I head out of town.

I cleaned out the boys stuff out of the work-out room so I have it back finally. His stuff is in the garage and hopefully will be out of here tomorrow. Then I can begin focusing on our basement and get some more stuff move out of here.

This morning Candy and I took Clark to school and then hiked up Helen Hunt Falls. Came home and cleaned and then went out to run a few errands. I plan on taking Clark in the morning and then trying to get some miles in. Will most likely drive up to GCR and then see where I end up. I figure if I am out hiking I don’t have to help the kid move. I mean I already move it all down to the garage so he should be able to handle it from there. Know what I mean Vern!

With the work-out room clean I have been on the treadmill and doing some lifting. I called a paving guy today as we need to have our asphalt driveway sealed and hope to have that done on Wednesday and now I am looking for a tree guy as I need to have some trees trimmed and removed.

Man, I am on vacation but it seems like I am working my butt off!

Happy Hiking!

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