Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Fun

We have been getting snow the last couple of days and I headed out today to do some snow shoeing. Never got the shoes on but had a great time. Started out on trail 666 and at the Ring the Peak marker I kept to the right instead of continuing on trail. Wasn’t much of a trail but I followed it up for two miles until I hit a dead end, or at least a dead end for me. Round trip I ended up doing six miles.

For Christmas I had gotten some new STABILicers and tried them out today. What I expected to happen did. I lost one and had to keep screwing with the other one and finally just ended up carrying it. I always come across these and other brands in the winter on the trails. For this terrain STABILicers makes a strap-on version that over the last two years has worked great for me.

STABILicers Lite Shoe Traction – Thumbs Down

STABILicers Classic Shoe Traction – Thumbs Up

This picture is looking back on the trail.

This picture is looking forward on the trail.

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Heather said...

Hi Dennis,
Great blog - awesome that you are documenting your adventures via your posts and pictures.
Thank you for choosing Stabilicers ice cleats. You are right - the Stabilicers Originals are best for winter hiking and will provide the most traction while staying secure. Our Stabilicers Lites are NOT designed for advanced activity - they are better for for casual, every day use such as walking the dog around the neighborhood, teaching the kids to skate on the pond, keeping in your emergency tool kit in your car - light activity like this.
Our Stabilicers Sports are also a good option - designed for runners and hiking, and ALL our products are made in Maine so you can expect quality!
If you ever want to share your adventures with our community (mostly outdoor enthusiasts) you are welcome to post your blog link here:
Again, I truly appreciate you have chosen a USA produced product, thank you for staying with Stabilicers! If you have any problem please let me know.
Happy Hiking!
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