Saturday, September 5, 2009

North Catamount Reservoir

This morning I drove up to the North Slope Recreation Area (NSRA), located on the north side of Pikes Peak. When I got to the toll gate for the Pikes Peak Highway I was about the 10th car in line waiting for it to open and was through the gate at 7:20am.

The night before I dug out my small tackle box and loaded it with a few lures. Broke down a rod and reel and loaded them into the pack. I also created a new playlist and downloaded a few new tunes.

North Slope Recreation Area has three lakes, Crystal and North and South Catamount. I decided to go to the North reservoir. I was the third car in the parking area. Threw on the pack, hit play on the IPod and headed across the damn. I then hopped on the Mackinaw trail and followed the shoreline stopping and throwing a few lures along the way. Sadly to report I didn’t have any luck with the fishing today.

I hiked out about 3.5/miles and then worked my way back. Totaled up 7.38/miles when I returned to the truck. I am thinking that next weekend I will go back and just hike around the lake.

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