Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lake Moraine

I packed up yesterday so I could get an early start today. I hit the High Drive parking lot at just before 8am. Then jumped on trail 666 and then up to 667. If you stay straight on 667 you will come to Seven Lakes Rd. Today’s trip had all the elements and was a tough 14/mile round trip hike. I had packed my snow shoes, trek poles, stablicers, thinking I might get to use them. Actually I got to use all of them. The first four miles I did in just my hiking boots. I didn’t come across anyone on the way up. The lower portion of the trail was well used with dry patches, snow and ice patches. Once I reached trail 720A the snow was deep enough for the snow shoes. In addition no one else had been this far up, so it was fresh snow with no tracks. So I stopped, had a bite and put the shoes on and continued up trail 667 for another three miles.

This was probably the last time I will get to use the snow shoes. I only got two trips out with them. We just didn’t get enough snow in the canyon. Today’s trip took longer than it would in the summer. Dealing with ice, snow, adds extra time to the trip. I did 14/miles round trip and it took me 5 hours and 45 minutes. I did have the pack fully loaded with water, food, first aid, gun, and knife, everything you need.

On the way down I swapped out the snow shoes for the stablicers and glad that I did. Coming down you move pretty fast and today they definitely help me stay up. I started running into a few people once I got back to the lower portion of 666. I past about 6 other hikers on their way up. Little late in the day for me as I like to get started early. You have to if you want to cover any distance. You could already tell that a storm was coming. The clouds were rolling in and there was light snow falling.

I am a little sore this evening, but this is just what I needed. It had been a few weekends since I got any distance in. In the month of March I was able to get in 90/miles and so far for this month I am up to 22.65.

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