Thursday, October 16, 2008

Milage Update

Sorry for not keeping things updated. Busy with work and around the house. I didn’t give an update for my September miles yet. Well it was a pretty decent month and I managed to get 111.84/miles in for the month. This brought my total miles for the 7 month period up to 675.62/miles.

October started out well but I have slipped a bit. The weather turn cold and I didn’t want to walk to work, so I have been in the Gym lifting and doing the tread-mill. To date I have 66.63/miles in.

Heading out to Vegas later this month so I have seven days to pound some pavement and get over 100 before I leave. Will definitely be doing some walking in Vegas for this convention.

There is this dumb-ass T.V. show called “Hole in the Wall”. A wall moves towards you with some type of hole in it. Like a Star, Body Outline, Circle. It’s stupid, about like watching the presidential debates.

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