Thursday, August 30, 2018

Got Gas?

Lately, when I have gotten a chance I have been repainting old metal gas cans.  I find them at garage sales, flea markets.  Most are in pretty poor shape with a few dings and dents.  These are for decoration only, I wouldn't store gas in them.  You could I guess.  

My idea was to create some cool looking automotive man cave item that people might want.  I clean them up with soap and water inside and out.   then I take my wire grinder and strip all the old paint off.   Paint comes off pretty easy so I can clean one up in about 20/30 minutes.  Once all cleaned then I shoot them with a coat of apple red paint.

Not sure if apple red is the correct color, but I like it.  I found some stickers of oil and gas companies.  I put them on the cans after I get them painted.  The stickers really make them pop.

No idea on what I am going to do with them.   They look good in my garage, but I have about eight more cans to do and will need to unload them.  Why do I have eight, just about every garage sale has one.  I can get them for about five dollars.  So if I see one I grab it.

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